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Terms & Conditions


Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Relevance
Article 3. Offers and tenders
Article 4. Order Confirmation and Agreement
Article 5. Price
Article 6. Delivery
Article 7. Warranty
Article 8. Receipt
Article 9. Liability
Article 10. Transfer of risk
Article 11. Payment
Article 12. Right to terminate the contract
Article 13. Complaints
Article 14. Intellectual Property
Article 15. Odds
Article 16. Applicable law and disputes

Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Relevance
1. These conditions apply to every offer, tender and agreement between the l’Ascolana webshop and a client which the l’Ascolana webshop has declared these conditions apply, insofar as parties have not explicitly writing / deviations from these conditions.
2. The relevant terms and conditions also apply to agreements between the l’Ascolana webshop possibly for third parties.
3. These general conditions are also written for the employees of the l’Ascolana webshop and its management.
4. Applicability of any purchase or other conditions of the client is explicitly rejected.
5. If these provisions or several provisions of these terms and conditions at any time partially or completely annulled, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply. In such an event, will the l’Ascolana webshop and the customer consult in order to agree on new rules for provisions fully or partially annulled. This will with the utmost respect for the objectives and intent of the original provisions are compiled and replaced.
6. If uncertainty exists regarding the interpretation of this or more provisions of these terms and conditions, interpretation should be made in the spirit of these terms and conditions.
7. If situations arise between parties who are not covered by these general conditions, such situations should be reviewed in the spirit of these terms and conditions.
8. If the l’Ascolana webshop continuously to strict compliance with these terms and conditions ask, do not imply that its provisions would not apply, or that the l’Ascolana webshop in any way or in any degree, in other cases, rights to strict compliance these conditions lose.
9. The l’Ascolana webshop reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and the content of its website to change.
Article 3. Offers and tenders
1. All offers and special deals from the l’Ascolana webshop are free, unless the offer a deadline for acceptance is stated. A tender offer is void if the product to which the offer or the offer relates, in the meantime no longer available.
2. The l’Ascolana webshop cannot be bound by its bids or offers if the customer can reasonably be expected that in quotations or offers, or part thereof, a manifest error or an error in writing could recognize.
3. Prices contained in an offer or promotion, including VAT, packing shipping - and fees unless otherwise stated.
4. If the acceptance (or by the provisions listed below or otherwise) different from what is contained in the offer or promotion is l’ not bound. In that case, the acceptance is not in agreement with the tender offer, unless otherwise .
5. Compound quotations oblige the l’Ascolana webshop not part of the command on a proportionate amount of the quoted price. Special Offers and tenders shall not apply automatically to future orders.
6. Special Offers do not automatically apply to repeat orders.
Article 4. Order Confirmation and Agreement
1. After the l’Ascolana webshop mandated, will the l’Ascolana webshop order at the earliest opportunity, except in cases of the l’Ascolana webshop you cannot reasonably be expected that they can adhere to the agreement with the customer. the l’Ascolana webshop reserves the right to not accept an order and thereby the order for any reason whatsoever not to confirm. Reasons are not limited to: supply of product, problems upon receipt of an order, or problems at the completion of an order. There may be other problems leading to rejection of an order may result.
2. Once the l’Ascolana webshop has received an order, the customer will be informed by email about the availability of the ordered products. If a product is (temporary) non-deliverable they will consult with the customer. After consultation with the client, the final order shall be agreed and confirmed by the l’Ascolana webshop. The customer must pay in advance to receive the goods ordered.
3. In exceptional cases it may be that some goods from the agreed and paid order, for whatever reason, are no longer available. In such a case, the currently not deliverable products, be put on back order. Delivery (transport) costs relating to a backorder delivery shall be borne by the customer. The customer has the right to refuse to supply a backorder. The customer should this via e-mail to the l’Ascolana webshop to report. In such a case the customer will be credited for the value of the goods of the backorder.
4. This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the customer and the l’Ascolana webshop, and supersedes all prior agreements, arrangements and / or agreements between the customer and the l’Ascolana webshop
5. Absence of proof to the contrary, is the administration of the l’Ascolana webshop valid proof of assigned tasks and the payments to the l’Ascolana shop by the customer, and the deliveries made by the l’Ascolana webshop, recognizing that electronic communications can serve as proof. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the customer acknowledges this also.
Article 5. Price
1. The total amount indicated on the order confirmation is final and includes the price of the ordered products, processing, packaging and transport.
2. Within the EU, taxes or charges related to the European Regulations.
3. The l’Ascolana shop will only by the explicit request of the customer a separate invoice to the customer by the submitted address.
4. The l’Ascolana webshop is entitled to change prices and to correct any errors. If the customer based on a (protected) published price list is ordered and the prices were scheduled to be changed, then the customer will be informed by e-mail.
If a price change up was made, the customer has the right to order within the next 2 days to cancel. The l’Ascolana shop cannot be held liable for any (printing) errors in the prices or conditions.
Article 6. Delivery
1. With a by the l’Ascolana webshop accepted order, the goods as soon as possible DHL offered that then the package at the address indicated by the customer will supply, unless otherwise agreed with the customer prior written agreement agreed.
2. On the client, through written consultations delivery times are indicative and not guaranteed. Packages are available from the postal, unexpected delays. The l’Ascolana shop has no control over, and cannot be held liable for such delays. Any delays incurred by the customs of the country, the risk of the customer.
3. The delivery period starts when the package is submitted to DHL.
4. If a package (for exports from the Netherlands) within the prescribed time limit indication has arrived, will for at least 4 weeks with no action. The reason for this is that the delayed consignment often still within that time period can be provided.
5. For deliveries outside the EU are any import duties for certain products in the customer's account. The customer should be aware of the import provisions in his / her country before ordering. The l’Ascolana shop has no control over and assumes no liability.
6. Any costs related to the delivery shall be borne by the customer.
7. The customer is obliged to purchase the goods at the moment to accept when made available to him or transferred.
8. If the customer refuses to accept the goods, or fails to provide evidence that the correct address, then the goods intended for delivery at the risk of the customer are stored. Any additional costs for repeated deliveries or storage of these goods will the customer be billed.
9. Not all shipments will be automatically insured. Assurance of a transmission depends on the value and / or the content of the transmission, as well as the requirements of the customer. If, after consultation with the l’Ascolana shop and the customer assurance of a shipment has been agreed, in case a consignment lost or damaged during transport, the l’Ascolana webshop research applications to the appropriate carrier.
10. l’Ascolana shop can only supply agreement with the customer account if the client the l’Ascolana webshop has provided the relevant data for the delivery are necessary.
Article 7. Warranty
1. The l’Ascolana shop guarantees that all products delivered will meet at least the guarantees provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are made. The l’Ascolana webshop will do its utmost to ensure that the goods ordered during the act with the utmost care and are treated with the requirements of proper shipping packaging requirements.
2. No guarantee will be granted on goods which it is clear that:
1. The customer or a third party the goods have changed or tried to change, without knowledge or permission.
2. The goods are used for purposes for which they were not intended.
Article 8. Receipt
1. The Customer is obliged to inspect the delivery (or have inspected later) immediately when the goods are made available to him, or at the time that the transport supply has been delivered. With these inspections, the customer is obliged to examine the quality and / or quantity of the goods delivered correspond to what was agreed and meets the requirements agreed upon by the parties with respect to the delivery. The l’Ascolana webshop within 48 hours of their discovery, by e-mail, informed if any defects are found, indicating the number stated on the delivery note.
2. If the customer receives deliveries with clearly damaged packaging and / or the customer suspects the packaging of a damaged content, should be adhered to as follows:
1. The customer is obliged to take photos of the supplies to make as it was delivered.
2. The customer is obliged to the receipt or delivery note to indicate that the delivery of damage is delivered.
3. The customer is required to present a copy of the receipt / delivery note to claim (or a copy). The company that supplies concerned can then leave.
4. The customer is obliged to inform the content of the packages directly to check. If the contents of the shipment is damaged, the customer is obliged damage as much detail as possible, within 48 hours of the l’Ascolana webshop to report, supplemented by photographic evidence.
Only then can the claims of damaged goods are accepted and investigated by the l’Ascolana webshop. The Customer is obliged the l’Ascolana webshop to enable to investigate a complaint, or to investigate.
5. Goods can only after consultation with the l’Ascolana webshop and a written consent the l’Ascolana webshop be returned.
6. In the case damaged goods are returned by the customer, will be for the account of the customer. Replacement of the damaged goods will the l’Ascolana.
Article 9. Liability
1. Where the l’Ascolana webshop is liable, such liability shall be limited to what is contained in these provisions.
2. If goods supplied by the l’Ascolana webshop is not in good condition, the liability of the l’Ascolana webshop limited to what is covered by our general conditions under "guarantees".
3 The l’Ascolana webshop is limited to replacement of the goods in case of consequential damages or for the refund of the purchase price.
4. The customer shall bear personal responsibility for his or her choice of products, their storage and handling. The l’Ascolana webshop is not liable if the losses incurred due to intent, negligence and / or imputable actions, or injudicious or improper use by the customer.
5. The l’Ascolana webshop is not liable for damages of any nature whatsoever which may be or be caused by incorrect and / or incomplete information provided by the customer.
6. The l’Ascolana webshop is only liable for direct damages in cases of obvious lack of concern for the transport packaging, intentional non-compliance with codes of conduct agreed by written customer agreements.
7. The l’Ascolana webshop is never liable for indirect damage, including consequential, lost profits, lost savings and losses resulting from business interruption and / or other types of stagnation.
8. In any case, the liability of l’Ascolana webshop limited to the amount paid by the insurer if at all applicable.
9. The l’Ascolana webshop cannot be held liable for printing errors, writing and / or counting errors, misinterpretations of product information, quotations, order confirmations or invoices, improper use of products and / or materials, nor for the consequences thereof.
10. The limitations of liability included in this Article shall not apply if the losses are due to intent or gross negligence of the l’Ascolana.
Article 10. Transfer of risk
1. Risks of loss of or damage to the products which are the subject of this Agreement, be transferred to the customer at the time these products are judicially and / or actually are / are delivered to the customer, or any third party appointed by the customer.
Article 11. Payment
1. No rights can be derived from incorrect prices and / or images.
2. Payment must be made using the payment methods such as these are offered on Processing and shipment of the ordered goods will take place after payment by the customer.
3. The l’Ascolana webshop will never Customer Data to third parties and shall act in accordance with Dutch legislation (e.g. Law on Individual Registration).
Article 12. Right to terminate the contract
1. The client, after purchase, for a period of 14 days right to the purchase without giving reasons, to cancel.
 The l’Ascolana webshop must be informed within 7 working days after the purchase, be notified in writing. Possible costs of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer.
2. The customer can purchase only cancel without reason, if the goods are complete, undamaged and unused and in their original packaging can be returned.
3 The customer is fully responsible for the return, the method of shipment and any insurance of the shipment.
4 If after a return to the l’Ascolana webshop at this show that damage to the return package, or that the returned products not complying with Section 2 of this article, will the l’Ascolana webshop inform the customer within 2 working days of inform.
5 Paragraph 1 of this article shall not apply to accessories and clearance sales.
Article 13. Complaints
1. If goods do not meet the expectations of the customer due to breakage, damage, or wrong delivery, the customer is obliged to the l’Ascolana webshop op within 48 hours after receipt of goods to notify. If the l’Ascolana webshop within this 48-hour time limit not receive any complaint is deemed that the supplies in accordance with the order was.
Article 14. Intellectual Property
1. The l’Ascolana webshop reserves all rights and powers which belong to it by virtue of the Dutch Copyright Act (Copyright Act), and any other laws and legislation on intellectual property.
2. The l’Ascolana webshop owner and / or licensee of all copyrights, database applications, (private) brands and other intellectual property rights in this website. Concept, structure, layout and design are the exclusive property of the l’Ascolana webshop.
3. If the above matters be used by the customer, this will only be done by him or her, and will not be reproduced, published or brought to the attention of third parties be made without the prior written consent of the l’Ascolana webshop.
Article 15. Odds
1. Neither the l’Ascolana webshop, nor the customer, be held to fulfill any of their obligations if they have prevented due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to negligence, and if the obligations would be contrary to the applicable law, an act or parts thereof.
2. In addition to what constitutes force majeure is understood as such in the law and jurisprudence, interprets these Terms majeure as external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, which the l’Ascolana webshop cannot influence, and thus the l’Ascolana webshop is not may be able to its obligations.
3. The l’Ascolana webshop reserves the right to itself to invoke force majeure if the circumstances such as those described above in force after the l’Ascolana webshop was deemed to her obligations.

Article 16. Applicable law and disputes
1. All legal relationships which the l’Ascolana webshop is a party, even if a relationship is concerned wholly or partly abroad is established or if the party to the legal relationship is a resident of a foreign nation be solely based on Dutch law assessed. Applicability of the UN - Convention on the International Sale of Goods is excluded.
2. Before parties appeal to the court, they will endeavor their utmost to resolve a dispute by mutual agreement settle.